7 Reasons to Wear a Bow Tie

After seeing our catalog, we wouldn’t expect you to need more reasons to wear a bow-tie, but this is supposed to be good for our SEO.

7. They are easier to tie than people think

If you search for “How to tie a bow tie” returns more than 28,600,000 results, and about 152,000 of those results are from YouTube. There are almost too many guides, videos, and diagrams to refer to. In fact, one of the founders of Bowford learned how to tie a bow tie from a YouTube video! The knot is essentially a fancier version of the shoelace knot. Don’t over think it and be patient while learning.

If you think about it, the bow tie is actually easier to tie than the neck tie. There is no need to perfect the length and bow ties actually look best when imperfect (keep reading).

6. Bow ties are not supposed to look perfect

Bow ties are supposed to look a little lopsided or asymmetrical. An imperfect bow tie looks like you took the effort to tie it yourself, however it’s important to remember that this should not be an excuse for sloppiness.

In some cultures, weavers deliberately deviate from the pattern slightly so the Devil doesn’t get into their product. The same precaution applies in sartorial matters: too much symmetry is inhuman.

5. Having a variety of looks in your wardrobe is important

Having many options allows you to not look like that guy who always wears the same thing. People should enjoy what they wear and how they look. Bow’s are a simple way to self-express while staying within the parameters of work or formal attire.

4. Bow ties raise your IQ

They are to your personality what spinach is to Popeye. Think of who wears bow ties: academics, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, political leaders and writers! Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Mark Twain all wore bow ties. If you’re looking for a role model, pick one that wore a bow tie.

3. Chicks dig bow ties

Women like men who are confident, dress well and put an effort into things. If you wear a bow tie, that’s how people will describe you. You just need to pair the right outfit with the right tie and she’ll be hooked. Women like when guys dress up well, so why not dress up well more often?

2. They don’t get in the way

One of the main reasons why doctors loved bow ties back in the day was that they don’t get in the way and can’t be grabbed by little children. Bow ties won’t fall in your food, get caught in the shredder, or get stuck in the door. They won’t get splashed on in the urinal or in the sink. They won’t catch a gust of wind and blow up in your face or flop around awkwardly. They will just stay on your neck and look good.

1. People remember the guy in the bow tie

Bow ties separate the man from every other man in the room. Bow ties attract the eye to the face of the wearer allowing people to remember the wearer. The bow tie lends a distinguished look to any gentleman. Not everyone is willing to take the risk of wearing a bow tie in public, but those who do are remembered.