How I Started Wearing Bow Ties

I wore a bow tie for the first time in February for my sister’s wedding. Everyone from my cousins to my tailor urged me to go for a clip-on one, saying they’ve been trying for years but never got the hang of it and that I am wasting my time, but the stubborn-traditionalist-contrarian wanted to go for the authentic tie-it-yourself kind.

Having tied my own neck ties in boarding school for two years gave me the confidence to look up how it’s done online and learn it myself. It took me half an hour to figure it out, and I left a great impression at the wedding as the brother of the bride. After that I found myself going down a slippery slope. I couldn’t get enough of it. I started teaching my family and friends how easy it is to tie one and got a lot of people on the bow tie band wagon. Now I avoid wearing neck ties as much as I can. It’s either open collars or bow ties for me.

The problem is that people have a pre-conceived notion that they are hard to tie. That notion has left most people preferring to buy a ready-made one, which is all you will find in most stores these days. The irony is that I find neck-ties harder to tie.

I really enjoy wearing bow ties, and it’s definitely made me enjoy the clothes I wear. Most men are self-conscious about doing anything that might suggest they care about their appearance, or that they are doing something different, or they are too impatient to put some effort into it. One should have fun looking good. I have found that if you enjoy it with confidence, others will always come along for the ride.